Who can use one?

We are being a little strict when it comes to who can use a bra extender, because we do firmly believe that most of us ladies don’t need them, however if you fall into one of these categories, then we are giving you a free pass. Go wild!

If you’re in between sizes – if you have a bit of Goldilocks Syndrome and find that the smaller back size is just a little too tight and the bigger back size is just a little too big, then a bra extender is the perfect answer. Buy the smaller back band and wear your favourite new accessory for a few weeks until your bra has broken in and stretched out a little, then remove it and voila! Your bra band will now fit much more comfortably!

If you experience weight fluctuations – it’s a common issue, especially during ‘that time of the month.’ However for some of us, the extra bloating can make our bras feel like they are two sizes too small, so wearing a bra extender for a few days during this time isn’t going to harm you, as long as you still make sure you have plenty of support.

If you’re pregnant – most maternity bras do already come with extra length, but a bra extender is always a handy little number to have on hand. You may find it more comfortable to sleep in your non wired maternity bras, with your bra extenders attached, just for some light support during the night.