What Are The Types Of Bra Extensions?

There are many types of bra extensions you can choose – they come in different colors and number of hooks, and they are quite affordable. However, when buying them, make sure you chose one that matches the bra you want to wear it – for example, if your bra has three hooks, purchase the same extender.

Let’s see the most common bra extender types:

  • Bra extender 2 hook

You must admit that bras with two hooks are the most popular among women. The band is thinner, it matches more outfits, and the best of all is that you can hook it without watching! However, it can cause discomfort sometimes, but it can be fixed, as always – have a look at this bra extender with two hooks:

  • Bra extender 3 hook

Bra closures with three hooks usually bring more stability and sexiness to any bra. So, if you want to extend the back band of your three-hooked bra, have a look at this extension:

  • Bra extender 4 hook

Nowadays, a market is full of different bra models and styles which come with four hooks – even though they give you a dose of elegance and sophistication. Have a look at this extension:

  • Bra strap extender

How many times did the bra spoil your amazing backless dress? A lot of times, for sure. If you still don’t see sticky bra as a reliable one, there is another solution for you as well – a bra strap extender.
Bra strap extender comes in handy whenever you need to adjust your bra straps so that they match your low tops and backless summer dresses. Nowadays, you can find them in many different colors, sizes, and width and they’re available both in stores and online shops. Also, they’re quite affordable and easy to use.

Follow these 3 steps to put low back bra extender to your bra correctly:

  • Step 1: Attach the hook end of the strap to the eye closures of your bra.
  • Step 2: Wrap the belt around your waist in a crisscross mode.
  • Step 3: Adjust the length the way it fits you and attach the hooks of your bra to the eyes of the straps.

As you can see, it doesn’t require much time and effort, but it is a quite useful and life-saving item. Let’s have a look at one model of bra strap extender which will give you a better picture of it